Extension Certification Now Open for Registration!
Extension Certification Now Open for Registration!
Learn How To Do Braided Hair Extensions Like You've Never Seen Before!
No Glue, No Beads, No Tape. Simply Hair & Thread
Learn How To Do Braided Hair Extensions Like You've Never Seen Before!
No Glue, No Beads, No Tape. Simply Hair & Thread

As Featured On:
As Featured On:
Introducing The Tight-Line Method™
. . . the secret that your clients will love you for.
The Tight-Line Method™ by S. George is the ONLY hair extension method that is proven to be damage-free. 

No Glue, No Beads, No Tape. Simply hair & thread.

You know the hassles & struggles your clients deal with when they have extensions. The insane tangling, almost pulling their wefts out when they snag a stitch, or the fall out and bald spots from too much weight. 

The Tight-Line Method™ will make your clients love extensions again!
  • Prevents gnarly snags & tangles when brushing & styling
  •  Stops hair fall-out, breakage, and bald spots from the weight or beads
  •  Cures unnatural looking hair by seamlessly blending the wefts
What You'll Experience Within The S. George Family
Feel Valued
Become a member of the family, not just another name on the class list.
Be Confident
Knowing you have a team of people working to help & support you with whatever you need.
Become Successful
Knowing you have the knowledge you need to build your clientele and fill your books.
When Will You Be Joining Us?
Upcoming dates & locations for 2019
Phoenix, AZ
Oct. 13-16
Austin, TX
Oct. 26-29
San Diego, CA
Nov. 10-13
2020 Classes
Coming Soon
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As a hair stylist, your goal is to help all of your clients make the right decision when they want extensions. Oftentimes, we’re caught up in helping our clients so much, we never consider the best move for ourselves and our business.

Belonging to the right community & family could mean the difference between a burnt out career full of drama or a profitable, thriving career with the freedom to focus on what matters most to you. 

After one conversation with one of the Team Members, you’ll know this is the right program for you!

Ask Your Friends What They Thought
Lexie - Utah
I grew up in a salon, so I've seen it all when it comes to extensions. This is truly the only method that I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn and to any of my clients.
Bre - Utah
I've been doing hair for almost 20 years now. I've learned so many different methods of extensions and this method is the only method that my clients continually come back month after month & year after year. 
Kara - Utah
Seeing the results that my clients have from their extensions using the Tight-Line Method has made me a believer. I personally have clients who've been had their extensions for almost a decade now.
Brooke - Utah
Learning how to do extensions was one of the best decisions I ever made. Being certified and trained in the Tight-Line Method has allowed me to grow my client base and truly become a specialist and create a career.
Jessica - Utah
I don't have years of experience like most everyone else in my salon, but when I wanted to learn extensions, this was the only place I was told to go. After being taught, I can truly say I now understand how important it is that the method you use is actually beneficial for your clients. 
Nikki - Utah
Being taught how to do extensions like this is like being accepted in to a family. The people behind this company and method are some of the most amazing & encouraging group of people you will ever meet.
We're Different, But We're Ok With That
We believe in a few things.

We believe in people, in community.

We believe movements are driven by purpose and not profit. 

We are anti-clique & anti-bullying.

We encourage dreamers.

We love & support ALL women. 

Building relationships based on compassion, hard work, & honesty. 

We call you family. 

Everything we do is focused on quality.

Taking time to do good work is underrated.

Every stitch of every braid is there for a purpose, for a reason.

Our method is simple & honest. 

We believe there’s beauty in good things.
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